What is AsaaseGPS ?

AsaaseGPS is a location based system which provides the most effective means of addressing every location and place. Every 5 x 5 Metre square is represented by a 10 Digit Code known as the Digital Address.

This unique address covers every landmark in Africa both in urban and rural areas.

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Problems With Traditional Addressing Systems

Why AsaaseGPS


High Cost of Street Naming

Poor addressing costs businesses billions of dollars and hampers the growth and development of entire nations.


Poor Addressing Systems

Majority of the locations in Africa suffer from poor or inadequate addressing systems.


Remote Areas Not Covered

People in some remote areas are unable to get deliveries or receive aid especially when there are few or no identifiable landmarks


Addresses Are Difficult to Share.

Directing people from one place to the other is usually a difficult task as the various landmarks and locations relied upon keep changing.

Why AsaaseGPS

Benefits of Using the system

No Cost

No payment is required for using the system


Get the address of any location within Africa instantly

Safe & Smart

Smart to use and digital addresses are easy to memorise


We give accurate information. Our users trust the system